Sole Proprietor
Raleigh, NC
May 2015 – present

  • Architecture, design, and software development work for companies on a short-term contract basis. Most applications developed using PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and other technologies and frameworks.
  • Included development of cross-platform mobile apps utilizing Apache Cordova and various frameworks, such as App Framework 7, Bootstrap, Materialize, jQuery, IonicJS, and AngularJS.
  • Development tools include Intel XDK, Zend Studio, Cordova, and Dreamweaver.
  • Deployed solutions on Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud.

Sam IT Solutions
Senior Technical Staff Member
Raleigh, NC
October 2014 – May 2015

  • Responsible for over 40 servers and network infrastructure at two local data centers
  • Managed multiple virtual machines for clients, including Windows and Linux hosts and guests
  • Project management of two OpenERP/Odoo (Python based) projects for larger clients – one dealing with medical service dispatch and inventory tracking, the other dealing with solar panel installation and analysis
  • Developed multiple websites for clients and hosted them on internally run Plesk servers
  • Worked with owner to discuss and implement best practices, marketing plans, and introduce new service offerings

North Carolina State University
Content Management Analyst
Raleigh, NC
January 2014 – October 2014

  • University-wide administrator for Pearson’s Equella Digital Asset Manager, utilized to share educational content across departments, colleges, and other educational institutions
  • Developed a solution to implement Shibboleth for user access and control, was asked by Pearson Education to share my findings and help with implementation
  • Worked with department administrators and individual professors to find ways to streamline the addition of content to the system
  • Worked with other members of the team to define processes for upgrades, system enhancements, request intake, support and training, and overall product deployment to the entire university

Concert Telecommunications
Founder and CEO
Raleigh, NC
January 2008 – October 2014

  • Designed and developed a multi-tenant, cloud-based, VoIP phone system using open-source Freeswitch software with a custom web interface developed using object-oriented PHP, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS with a MySQL backend
  • Implemented code to interface with upline carriers,, and other 3rd parties using a variety of technologies, including SOAP, XML-RPC, and REST/JSON
  • Applications coded using Zend Studio, Adobe Dreamweaver, and vim
  • Hands on experience racking servers in Tier 1 datacenter, configuring Ethernet and Infiniband networks, and RAID drive setup and configuration
  • Configured and maintained multiple Linux systems for development and production environments
  • Configured and maintained MySQL cluster in master-master mode
  • Configured and maintained application and file clusters using rsync, drbd, heartbeat, and corosync
  • Worked with multiple virtualization and cloud services, including Parallels Cloud Server, Citrix XenServer, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, DNS Made Easy service (load-balancing and monitoring)
  • Configured wide variety of routers, managed switches, VoIP phones, and IP adapters for clients
  • Deployed corporate marketing website using modified WordPress theme and Dreamweaver
  • Set up and maintained supported back-office applications such as Atlassian Confluence, Atlassian Jira, Atlassian Crucible, Kayako Support Suite, NolaPro Cloud Accounting, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Sharepoint (hosted), Pentaho Business Intelligence Suite (open-source)
  • Experience with VoIP protocols (SIP, RTP, STUN), VoIP trunking (including origination and termination services), E911 services, Local Number Portability (LNP), and other carrier services
  • Experience with PCI compliance standards, including application and server patching for certification
  • Worked with customers with every aspect of service – marketing, sales, network evaluation, hardware installation and configuration, system configuration, and on-going support as needed
  • Experience with contract review and negotiations, investors and fund-raising, and networking
  • Selected for the inaugural class for the Morrisville Innovation Foundation’s Hottovation program (January – June, 2013)
  • Graduate of the Kauffman Institute/CED FastTrac Tech Venture program (March – May, 2013)

Senior Software Engineer
Durham, NC
March 2011 – December 2012

  • Initiated the redesign of the company’s flagship simulation software within two months of hire, which included the migration of procedural PHP code to object-oriented PHP classes and leveraged the Zend Framework for display logic
  • Defined the technical architecture and lead the development of the company’s next-generation simulation product, which was highly flexible and relied heavily on the use of rich media (images, video, and audio) to deliver a unique experience to the end user. The system was written completely in object-oriented PHP, which included a proprietary micro-scripting language to control the flow of simulations and a custom, slim MVC framework to generate HTML.  Utilized HTML5 video, JavaScript, custom jQuery plugins, CSS to deliver to desktops, iPad tablets, and Android tablets.
  • Responsible for the maintenance of multiple Linux, Apache, and MySQL servers for both development and production environments, including synchronization and backups
  • Worked with entire team to help define development and QA processes based on the agile methodology
  • Worked with business owners and clients to define security and load-balancing requirements
  • Integrated simulation applications with the Desire2Learn LMS for clients via a REST/JSON based API
  • Maintained Atlassian Jira, Atlassian Confluence, and Subversion repositories

Cisco Systems
Web Developer
Research Triangle Park, NC
September 2009 – March 2011

  • Maintained a large number of PHP based applications for laboratory and data center management
  • Lead developer on project to standardize metrics collection from over four dozen proprietary tools
  • Implemented a metrics reporting dashboard utilizing Pentaho Business Intelligence Suite
  • Responsible for developing ETLs, data models, and database infrastructure for metrics reporting

IBM Corporation
Advisory Software Engineer I
Research Triangle Park, NC
September 2004 – October 2008

  • Became the technical lead and senior engineer on the web-based interface for the BladeCenter Advanced Management module within three months of hire, which included the “final technical authority” for the web interface
  • Tasked with redeveloping the entire web interface, previously written in C and tied to the HTTP server of the Nucleus embedded OS, and moving it to a Linux, Apache, and PHP environment running on limited hardware resources (PowerPC 440GP, 256MB RAM, 256MB flash)
  • Developed a custom PHP extension to interface with the core firmware runtime over a UNIX socket
  • Developed custom PHP session handlers that included accurate time-outs and messages to the core firmware runtime to release resource handles
  • Pioneered the development of a web-based hardware setup and configuration wizard, initially shipped for the BladeCenter S chassis product line
  • Provided the technical leadership to three to seven developers working on the web interface
  • Worked with product architects and researchers in various global locales to advance the product
  • Conducted analysis of competing products from Dell, HP, Intel, and Sun
  • Became a customer advocate for the Friday Institute for Education Innovation at North Carolina State University

HiddenMind Technology
Web Developer
Cary, NC
May 2000 – May 2001

  • Responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the company’s corporate Internet website
  • Developed a collaborative Intranet application in PHP
  • Developed a time tracking application in PHP for payroll and project management purposes

Web Application Developer
Cary, NC
March 2000 – May 2000

  • Development of a web-based application for trouble-ticketing and field dispatch
  • Enhancements to trunk geolocation and reporting application for 811 (“call before you dig”) services

Summus Limited
Web Developer
Raleigh, NC
September 1999 –  March 2000

  • Responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the company’s corporate Internet website
  • Implementation of e-commerce store, including online payment and license key generation

AT&T Corporation
Web Developer
Greensboro, NC
January 1999 – June 1999

  • Responsible for maintenance of large Human Resources Intranet website
  • Principle for the retiree extranet, including content and application updates
  • Developed various testing and data collection scripts for facilitation of usability testing

Boolean Systems
Founder and Owner
Cary, NC
November 1994 – February 2005

  • Provided IT services, such as network design, network wiring, Windows Server configuration and deployment, desktop OS and application support, desktop hardware upgrades
  • Developed software for the simulation of Just-in-Time manufacturing techniques
  • Developed proprietary help-desk software package with both a web-based interface in ASP and desktop interface in Visual Basic
  • Physical build, configuration, and installation of a Linux Beowulf cluster for digital mapping client
  • Exclusive arrangement with a local dial-up Internet Service Provider to provide web design and development services to over fifty clients
  • Provided web design and development services to North Carolina A&T State University
  • Developed and launched various open-source projects, including virtual greeting cards (2001), collaborative Intranet software (2004), and CPAINT – an early AJAX toolkit for both PHP and ASP (2005)

Developer and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

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